Pipeline Integrity Services

Specializing in Cathodic Protection


High Quality

High quality, thorough data collection and reporting. This is due to our data research prior to the field survey, good communication with field operations, and to the diligence of our Cathodic Protection Technicians.


New Technologies

Awareness and application of new technologies. Advancements in data collection and in data monitoring have resulted in better, more timely cathodic source monitoring, which in turn results in cost savings and less field exposure to incidents.


Timely Results

Timely and accurate survey reporting. Our routine turnaround time from survey completion to delivery of final report is less than 30 days.                                                                                                                                                               

Here is what some of our clients and contractors have to say...

Elliot and Associates have done an excellent job managing our company’s Cathodic Protection (CP) program since 2007. They have safely and capably handled annual CP surveys for 27 fields that range in age from new to 50+ years old. Also included in their services are tracking CP survey action items, taking regular rectifier readings, providing monthly status reports and completing installations of replacement and new anode beds.Their field personnel are very knowledgeable and organized, they have a strong work ethic and communicate well with our field staff.I’d highly recommend Elliot and Associates to any company that requires management of their CP systems.

John Cooke
Operations Supervisor, Trilogy Energy
Len BlairBlack Dog Drilling & Environmental Services Ltd.

We always find it a pleasure working with Elliot & Associates on a Cathodic Protection drilling project. It is apparent Elliot & Associates has the highest standard of safety on the job which aligns with our company’s safety standards on a drill site. We are always confident any Cathodic Protection drilling project managed by Elliot & Associates is well organized, uses the latest technology and is properly executed to the highest Pipeline Integrity design. We look forward to working with Elliot & Associates on Cathodic Protection drilling projects for many years to come.

Husky Oil Operations is a satisfied client, and will make themselves available to discuss, on request.

Husky Oil

Cathodic Protection Annual Survey

  • Potential measurement of all field and facility structures
  • Rectifier maintenance / adjustment as required
  • Data populated into proprietary Access database
  • Report and required actions issued within 30 days of survey completion

Cathodic Protection Follow-up

  • Impressed current groundbed design and construction
  • Galvanic anode installation
  • Groundbed Repair
  • Rectifier repair / replacement

Pipeline Coating Condition Survey

May include any of the following non-destructive test methods:

  • Close Interval Survey (CIS) – potential measurement over entire line, used to identify coating holidays
  • Alternating Current Attenuation Survey (ACCA) – gross locator of coating holiday
  • Alternating Current Voltage Gradient (ACVG) – fine locator of coating holiday
  • Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG) – locator of coating holiday
  • Depth of Cover Survey (DOC) – determination of adequate cover

Well Casing Risk Assessment

Assess likelihood of casing failure based on evaluation of historical data, including:

  • Casing logs
  • Previous failure data
  • Production history
  • Shut in vs. production time
  • Inhibition programs


Elliot & Associates is proud of our commitment to safety and of our comprehensive safety program. We are SECOR certified (Small Employer Certificate of Recognition); in addition, we are members of ISNetworld and ComplyWorks, and are active with the AIT Occupational Committee for Cathodic Protection.

The electrical component of our work dictates training and awareness of the hazards and precautions when working with electricity. All field personnel are qualified to provide electrical services specific to cathodic protection following training in Cathodic Protection Rectifier Training.

All Elliot & Associates field personnel receive safety certification training in H2S, Standard First Aid, TDG, WHMIS, Advanced Vehicle Control, and ATV operation.

Elliot & Associates supervises and performs construction of large and small groundbeds and diligently follows regulatory requirements set by OH&S and other regulatory agencies regarding ground disturbance and worker safety. As circumstances dictate, training may be completed for Ground Disturbance and Confined Space.

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Our company logo is the Elliot clan badge. The Latin inscription means “With Strength and Right.”